Utsikter fra Rampestrekken i Åndalsnes

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From Bodø in the north to Oslo in the south our routes will take you through spectacular destinations while passing high mountains, wide valleys, and long and spectacular fjords.

Either you search for high-speed and exciting activities or you prefer to travel slow and take it easy, you will find the perfect place among our destinations.

Haakon Lundqvist – Visit Northwest


The peek capital of Norway, which also in the end station for our most pictoresque routes: the Rauma Railway.

In a bit over and hour and a half you will be part of an incredible journey, as the train passes by the Verma waterfall and the famous Trollveggen. Watch as nature unfolds right out the train’s window.

Lonely Planet has named The Rauma Railway as the world’s most beautiful train journey – twice! Explore the Romsdal stairs – made by stone by Nepali sherpas, the Rampestreken viewpoint and the Romsdal gondole.

Do not forget to bring your best hiking attire!

Dame står på Rampestreken og beundrer utsikten
Endre Knutsen – Visit Norway
Tog på Raumabanen
Fredrik Ahlsen – Maverix
Eline Karlsdatter – Visit Norway
Visit Northwest

The realm of the musk ox

The peek of the Snøhetta with its 2286 meters above the sea level is the most prominent symbol for the Dovre mountain (Dovrefjell in Norwegian). The viewpoint Snøhetta is open during the summer and the train station is localted a short walk away from it. Just follow the gravel path, which is even wheelchair friendly, and enjoy the open views.

On the Dovre mountain you will be able to participate in a guided musk ox safari also during the summer. A unique opportunity to see this amazing creature up close. These safaris last between five to seven hours, so make sure you are wearing appropirate comfortable clothes and hiking shoes. There are around 200 musk oxen inhabiting the Dovre-Sundall Mountain National Park.

Viewpoint Snøhetta
folk og hester

Ready to experience Dovre from a unique angle? Join an exciting riding experience on an Icelandic horse! Get in tuch with Hjerkinn Fjellstue og Fjellridning – they will arrange everything from the horseriding to accomodations and meals. Your previous level of experience will not matter: they will teach you the necessary skills on the spot. Make memories for life in the heart of Norway!

Adventures in Helgeland

Helgeland is a large region north for Trondheim. Destinations like Mosjøen or Trofors are hidden gems most tourists rarely get to see.

At Trofors you will get to try rafting and salmon fishing in the river Vefsna. And a visit to Mosjøen is almost mandatory – with its Helgeland stairs, the largest stone stairs in the world with over 4000 steps! From there you can try the zipliner back to town! As coastal destinations you will be able to eat exquisite fish and sea food – so why not stop by?

Images: River North og Broadstone, Visit Helgeland.

Fem mennesker står på varden på Øyfjellet i Mosjøen
fire personer går opp Helgelandstrappa
Melfjellet. Marthe J Aasland – Visit Helgeland

Mo i Rana

The slow-travellers will be able to enjoy quieter hikes at Melfjellet right outside Mo i Rana all-year long. Just make sure you bring something to drink and eat in your backpack. Or learn about natural history and the local industry at the Helgeland museum – a visit suitable for the whole family!

Dame på tur på Melfjellet i Rana

When in Norway do like the Norwegians

Ski på Oppdal
Marius Rua, Bucketthaus – Explore Trøndelag

Take the train to the skiing slopes

If you happen to travel to Norway during the winter, do as the locals and venture to one of our destinations with ski resorts.

SJ NORD stops at Kvitfjell, just 50 meters from the ski lift. This is a destination that almost comes with a snow guarantee and is located just two hours north of Oslo. The resort has slopes for all types of experience levels, a ski rental store, and seven different restaurants.

Would you like to have a proper Norwegian cabin experience? Norwegians love cabin trips! Take the train to Oppdal, which also happens to have Norway’s largest ski resort, and book your stay.

There has never been an easier and more climate smart way to get to the mountain than by train.

Local food and culture at charming Røros

Local gastronomy

Few places in the country have the amount of locally produced food that Røros has. Therefore we know Røros as Norway’s local food capital.

All the foodies will love a good food safari at Røros. Or maybe a visit to the Røros brewery, to one of the many creameries, meat producers or bakeries available. Without a doubt, a treat for the taste buds.

For the body and the soul

How about some me-time after a delicious meal?

At the Røros Hotell Bad & Velvære you may press the pause button in a 32°C warm pool with views to the old Røros church.

An outdoor bubble bath and a warm pool are also awaiting to relax you.

Image: Marius Rua, Buckethaus – Explore Trøndelag

You may not know that Røros is and old mining town from 1644, and one of the world’s sites most worthy of preservation according to UNESCO. A guided tour will provide you with plenty of interesting facts about this small, yet charming place in the region of Trøndelag.

A stop to the church of Røros, which dates back to 1784 and is the fifth largest in the country, is a must for every visitor.

Ready for your next adventure?

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