Delays in the traintraffic at Trønderbane (Trondheim - Steinkjer)

The Nordland line

From Trondheim to Bodø via Helgeland and Salten

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SJ / Strekninger / The Nordland line

A pictoresque trip through Nordland

With the cities of Trondheim and Bodø acting as the start and end stations, the whole trip with the Nordland railway (Nordlandsbanen) is Norway’s longest, passing through about 70 miles of incredible and picturesque views. Enjoy a meal from our café while you take in the amazing fjord and mountain sights throughout this arctic adventure!

Toget kjører mellom Mosjøen og Drevvatn på Nordlandsbanen
Man sitting on the train in the Nordland railway

A tourist dream

The Nordland route is a popular journey to take just for the journey’s sake. From the fjords in Trøndelag, to the Seven Sisters mountains and the crossing of the Polar Circle this is the perfect journey for the nature and picture enthusiast! And yes, this route is equally beautiful during the summer as it is during the winter!

Experience the delights of the midnight sun from May to August, when the sun never sets. Go on hikes or romantic walks by the sea until the late hours! During winter the breathtaking Northern lights make for an incredible winter wonderland experience that will accompany you for the rest of your life!

The Northern lights
The midnight sun

From agricultural landscapes in Trøndelag to the high mountains of Salten

The Nordland railway is perhaps one of the most strikingly beautiful train rides in Europe. Due to its length and geography you will be able to experience very diverse landscape throughout this amazing journey. With start and end stations being Trondheim and Bodø, this route is 729 km long and takes around ten hours from beginning to the end. In that time you will be witness to some of the most impressive nature Norway has to offer!


The region of Helgeland: a truly hidden gem

Between Trondheim and Bodø, the wonderful region of Helgeland unfolds right before your eyes. This area has developed into a tourist destination for the slow traveler. Nature activities and outstanding culinary experiences have turned Helgeland into a very attractive destination for both Norwegians and visitors from other countries. We recommend you experience Mosjøen, the city in the middle of Norway, Mo i Rana and Bodø – your gateway to both Northern lights (during winter) and the midtnight sun (in the summer).

Did you know that Helgeland has many idyllic islands? A visit to Vega, Lovund and Træna – with their white sand strands and high mountain tops – is guaranteed to be a success! You can access these islands from both Brønnøysund and Sandnessjøen – just buy a ticket with the TrainBus, which will combine train to Mosjøen and further bus transport to either Brønnøysund or Sandnessjøen!

The Nordland line in the winter
Image: David Gubler

Mo i Rana – Bodø

The route between these two cities is an Eldorado for nature experiences. How about a few stops along the way?

Saltfjellet-Svartisen National park

If you get off at Lønsdal, less than two hours from Bodø, you will find yourself at Saltfjellet – home to the Svartisen national park. Svartisen is Northern Scandinavia’s largest glacier. Here you will experience contrastfull and untouched nature. Enjoy the silence as the use of motorised vehicles is forbidden here.

The Nordlands line crosses the Polar circle at the Saltfjellet mountain. From Lønsdal there is short distance to the monument marking the Polar circle, and on the train you will pass it at 66 degrees and 33 minutes north. A true unique experience for many!  


The Nordland line takes you to one of the world’s strongest tidal currents, Saltstraumen. Two stops before the ending station of Bodø, there is the Tverlandet station. If you get off here, you are less than 15 minutes away from this very particular and characteristic nature phenomenon! 

March is the month with the biggest tide difference, which makes the tidal current the strongest of the year. The Saltstraumen is also a world renowned fishing destination for sea fishing, and there are great opportunities for mountain hiking and outdoor life, too!

Svartisen. Image: Visit Bodø
The Nordland line during autumn
Images: VG Partnerstudio – VisitNorway, Tobias Myrland / Maverix, Kristoffer Møllervik, Hans Petter Sørensen / FarOutFocus, Ernst Furuhatt, David Gubler

Departures with SJ NORD

SJ Norge has two daily departures each way between Trondheim and Bodø, with one of them being with the night train with sleeping compartments. Additionally there is two extra departures from Bodø to Mosjøen, and one departure between Trondheim and Mo i Rana. You can order food and drinks in our cafés on board.

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Entertainment aboard

Learn more about the history of this railway by streaming the podcast “The Nordland Railway: Tracks of War” on Spotify. A total of 16 mini-episodes that provide insight in the story behind Norway’s longest train line.