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Find out whether or not you are entitled to any refunds and compensation in the event of cancellations and delays.

Refund conditions

Non-flexible tickets

The conditions for a refund largely depend on the ticket conditions. Standard non-flexible, Premium non-flexible and Premium Pluss non-flexible can not be altered, changed or refunded.

Flexible tickets

Standard flexible, Premium flexible and Premium Pluss flexible may be altered and refunded in their entirety when canceled up to 24 hours before departure time. Should a flexible ticket be canceled later than 24 hours prior to departure, a full-refund is given minus a small fee of NOK 100,-. Trips that have already started shall not be refunded.

Sleeping compartments

For sleeping compartments please refer to the terms and conditions that apply to the main ticket. Sleeping compartments are bought together with a Standard ticket. If you ticket is refundable the same refund conditions apply as for refundable tickets. If you have a non-refundable ticket together with the sleeping compartment, refund conditions that apply to non-refundable tickets will apply here.

Rail Inclusive Tour tickets. group tickets and staff tickets can be changed according to the tickets’ valid rules.

Season tickets

Season tickets you no longer wish to make use of can be refunded, and a fee of NOK 100,- will be charged. The refund starts to apply from the daythe refund is requested. The ticket will no longer be valid from the time a refund has been requested.

We use the following ground rules when refunding season tickets:

  • 7 day tickets: you may be given a refund for the remaining days.
  • 30 day tickets: you may be given a refund for the remaining days. .
  • 365 day tickets: you may be given a refund for the remaining 300 days left, and not for the 365 days the ticket is valid for.

In case of a delay

If the SJ NORD’s long-distance train you are travelling with arrives more than 60 minutes late to your end station, you are entitled to a refund. For other regional and local trains that arrive to your end destination with more than a 30-minute delay, you might also be given a refund. Any refund issued due to a delay is 50% of the price that was paid for the ticket. In the cases where you were informed of a possible delay at the time of purchase, you will not be entitled to such a refund.

You are also entitled to refunds and compensation for any extra expenses originating from the delay. This can be expenses related to bed and board, transport to the end station or the next steps in your journey where SJ NORD has a correspondence guarantee.

We do have a correspondence guarantee on journeys that include different means of transportation all purchased in one ticket. That includes trains operated by Vy and Go-ahead, and for our journeys with TogBuss (TrainBus). Shall you miss your correspondence you will be secured a seat on the next departure without any extra cost.


No refunds will be issued:

  • In the event of a late arrival where you, despite the delay, still have managed to reach your correspondence.
  • Missed correspondences where the transfer time is under 60 minutes. The only exception are missed correspondences with TogBuss (TrainBus) that have been purchased in one ticket.
  • In cases where delays or cancellations occur as a direct result of events that are outside of SJ Norge’s and Bane NOR’s control. Such examples include extreme weather, natural disasters, strikes or lockouts.

Requesting a refund

If you are entitled to refunds and compensation, you will need to present proof of the delay. Additionally also a written document describing the course of events. The request shall be presented no later than 3 months after the event took place. SJ Norge commits itself to pay valid refunds no later than 20 days after the refund was received.

The request must be sent electronically to [email protected]. Or by mail at SJ Norge, c/o Entur Kundesenter, Postboks 812, 2626 Lillehammer.