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Ticket categories

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What ticket should you choose? Do you need an extra ticket for your baby stroller or your pet? Here you will find answers to ticket-related questions.

Our tickets

A Standard ticket is the most economical way to travel on board. You get a reserved seat on all departures that allow seat reservation.

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Choose a Premium ticket if you would like more amenities included in your ticket, such as snacks and warm beverages.

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Premium Pluss offers you the best possible comfort on board. Regular seats are replaced with reclining seats with an adjustable foot rest and a reading light. A small meal will be served to you at your seat and you will have access to unlimited drinks. You will also travel with more space between yourself and the seat in front of you.

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You can travel on a regular seat, a reclining Premium Pluss seat or your own sleeping compartment. Wake up refreshed in your destination!

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If you travel the same route frequently, it is wise to purchase a season ticket. You are free to choose between 7 days, 30 days or 365 days.

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On departures with seat reservation you must book any add-ons such as bicycles, baby strollers or pets ahead of your journey. This is to ensure there will be enough space on the train.

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Discounted rates

We do have discounted rates for students and senior passengers among others.

Check if you are entitled to a discount.

Other types of tickets

We have an agreement with the local bus company in Trøndelag, AtB. You can travel within the zone A with the bus, train and tram with the very same ticket.

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With the same ticket you can combine train travel with a connecting bus on seven different bus routes. Check out what destinations you can travel to.

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