Folk står på ski på Kvitfjell


The most organic way to get to the ski slopes.

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SJ / Destinasjoner / Kvitfjell

We stop right by the ski center so you can easily board the train in the city and get off right on the ski slopes.

Kvitfjell almost certainly comes with snow-guarantee. Situated an hour north from Lillehammer, Kvitfjell is the first choice for many ski enthusiasts. Our ski train stops right by the slopes. Upon arrival you will find freshly prepped slopes and areas when you can further your skiing skills. Kvitfjell has slopes for everyone regardless of their level of skill or experience.

SJ NORD has daily departures while the ski center is open between November and April.


There are modern and helpfull facilities at Kvitfjell Alpin Center:

  • Ski rental
  • Ski locker
  • Warm changing room
  • Possibility to lock your belongings
  • Seven different restaurants and cafés: from a simple lunch to a three-course meal and everything in between.
  • Kids Skitorget: a designated area for smaller children
  • Ski school for those who need some guiding
Passasjerene stiger på toget til Kvitfjell
Skitoget venter på passasjerene som skal reise til Kvitfjell
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