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Luggage aboard

Own luggage guidelines apply for journeys with SJ NORD. We have collected all the necessary information you will need. The most important is that you are considered with the rest of the passengers, never block a passage and always follow instructions given to you by our staff.

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How much luggage you may bring aboard

You are allowed to bring up to 30 kg of luggage distributed in maximum 3 units. Each unit can maximum be 85 cm * 55 cm * 35 cm. It must be stored in the overhead compartment over your seat or in the luggage shelves by the carriage’s entrance. Luggage shall not be placed in the corridors or anywhere else where it may make boarding and evacuation both difficult or hazardous.

If you wish to transport luggage aboard our trains, you must be present during transportation. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to purchase a seat to store baggage on it. You must carry your own luggage aboard unless you have beforehand contacted Bane NOR and arranged assistance on the station.

You may bring a stroller on board free of charge. However, due to limited space for strollers on board, you must book a place for it beforehand in order to guarantee there will be space for it under your journey.

For journeys where seat reservation is not available, you can also bring a stroller for free but SJ Norge cannot guarantee available space aboard. Should the train not have available space, the stroller cannot board the train.

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Special rules for bicycles apply. You will have to book a space for your bike.

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You may bring your skis, music instruments, weapons and other items on board.

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Lost and found

SJ NORD uses Entur’s service for lost and found. You may contact Entur directly if you have any inquiries regarding lost and found.

Contact Entur here