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Help with boarding on and off the train

Should you need assistance while boarding the train, please notify our Customer Service team as early as possible ahead of your journey. Our team will make sure to notify our on-board staff so that they are able to assist you.

Certain trains are equipped with a wheel chair elevator, which our staff will gladly help you handle. Should you need to charge your electric wheelchair during your trip, we beg you notify our staff aboard.

If you need assistance for most of the duration of your trip, you can bring a travel companion.

Travel companion

A travel companion is someone qualified to escort you during your trip. A companion for the deafblind that brings along a valid ID (green card) from the Norwegian “Kompetansesenteret for døvblinde” can travel for free.

Companions with a valid certificate are entitled to a discount when purchasing a ticket. These tickets are labelled as “senior” (“honnør” in Norwegian). This means that companions can purchase a “senior” ticket and must bring their valid companion certificate to present together with the ticket.

Spouses and registered partners who travel together with someone who is entitled to a “senior” discount, may also purchase a senior ticket. This does however not apply for couples living together without being registered as partners or spouses.

Assistance prior to and after the trip

Should you require assistance at the station before or after your trip is completed, please send an inquiry to Customer Service at either Bane NOR or Entur. This can be done both by e-mail or on the phone.

Assistance at the train station must be requested latest 24 hours prior to your departure. This service is free of cost and is offered at several train stations throughout the country. Check Entur’s website for an updated list and contact information for the assistance service.

Wheel chair space on board

Please contact SJ Norge’s Customer Service if you need a wheel chair space while travelling with us. This is to ensure that there is available space aboard. There is a designated area for wheelchairs aboard all of our trains.

The maximum size of the wheelchair is 70 x 120 cm (27 x 47 inches). Our night trains have a sleeping compartment adjusted for wheelchair use. If you would like to book it, please contact our Customer Service.