Rafting med RiverNorth på Trofors


The river Vefsna, like a silver thread, runs through thick forrests and its dense waters carry the story of the salmon's life journey. Maybe you dare venture into the cold water for an exciting rafting trip, or try to fish the legendary Vefsna salmon.

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SJ / Destinasjoner / Trofors

Trofors is an invite to embrace both adventure and quietness. A place where adrenalin-filled activities and inner calmness melt toghether in a magical symphony.

Rafting and SUP with RiverNorth

In Trofors you will find the only operator fr rafting in all Northern-Norway. Mariann Sæther, a multi-winning world champion in river padling, will guide you through this exciting trip down the river between the months of May and September.

RiverNorth has several packages to fit the whole family, regardless of the experience level. Get ready for an adventure that will accompany you for the rest of your life!

Lomsdal-Visten national park: a hidden gem

This national park presents a wide nature range, from fjords to fishing waters, deep valleys and high mountain peeks. This area has a large variety of flora and fauna.

At Lomsdal-Visten you will get in touch with your inner thoughts and find peace in the quietness of the mountains. You may even be so lucky as to not encounter other people. Make sure to bring good hiking clothes. food and drinks in your backpack, and experience what the nature in the region of Vefsn has to offer.

Lomsdal-Visten nasjonalpark
Lomsdal-Visten nasjonalpark
Lomsdal-Visten nasjonalpark

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Where to stay?

Bakarstuo, Utpå Neset Villa is located five minutes away from the train station at Trofors. It offers cozy accomodations with views to the garden. The place is located near both RiverNorth and Grane Bygdetun, a museum with ancient buildings from the 1700’s. A visit to the museum is guided, and you will be sat around the fire place and served a meal too.

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