The night train

På reiser med nattoget kan du velge egen sovekupé.

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Ticket categories

When travelling on the night train you may choose between sleeping in a Standard seat, a Premium Pluss reclining seat or in your own sleeping compartment. The category Premium is not available in the night train.
The night train runs between Oslo and Trondheim on the Dovre line, and between Trondheim and Bodø on the Nordland line.


You can choose a Standard ticket, which includes a regular Standard seat and is the most economical option.

Premium Pluss

For increased comfort, choose a reclining seat with an adjustable foot rest in our Premium Pluss carriage.

Sleeping compartment

Mor og barn i sovekupé med SJ Nord

The sleeping compartment has two beds and your own sink. There is a shared toilet at the end of the carriage.

When you book a journey on our night train you can book your own sleeping compartment, regardless is you travel alone or with a companion. The price for the compartment comes as an additional charge to your Standard ticket. You are allowed to travel up to two adults and two children under the age of 6 in one sleeping compartment.

The compartment has two fully-bedded single beds, two water bottles, towels and a sink. If you need more water during your trip, you will be able to get more in the cafeteria carriage. At the end of the wagon you will find a common toilet.

Animals are not allowed in the sleeping compartments except for service dogs on duty.


You can check in in the departure hall in Oslo S, Trondheim S and Bodø stations before you go aboard. The check-in area is clearly marked with “Check-in sleeping compartment”. Our staff will assist you at this point.

Woman checking in the night train
Woman lying on the bed on the sleeping compartment.

Late check-in

Should you be too late for your check-in, make sure to go to the cafeteria aboard and check in there.

If you did not make it to the check-in at all, or if you boarded the train from another station, please contact our staff aboard no later than 30 minutes after departure if you have a sleeping compartment. Failing to do so will lead to your compartment being set as available to other passengers.

If you arrived with the train from Bodø to Trondheim and will continue your journey on the train to Oslo, you can check in to the next train aboard the cafeteria on your current train before you switch trains.

Bodø – Trondheim S (tog 476):

  • 20:40 – 21:05 Check-in
  • 20:50 Train opens doors
  • 21:10 Departure
  • 07:14 Arrival
  • 07:30 Latest time to leave the train

Trondheim S – Bodø (tog 475):

  • 22:15 – 22:55 Check-in
  • 22:40 Train opens doors
  • 23:05 Departure
  • 09:05 Arrival
  • 09:15 Latest time to leave the train

Trondheim S – Oslo S (tog 406):

  • 22:15 – 23:05 Check-in
  • 22:20 Train opens doors
  • 23:17 Departure
  • 06:50 Arrival
  • 07:05 Latest time to leave the train

Oslo S – Trondheim S (tog 405):

  • 22:15-22:40 Check-in
  • 22:20 Train opens doors
  • 22:50 Departure
  • 06:31 Arrival
  • 06:50 Latest time to leave the train

Standard seat or reclining seat (Premium Pluss)

If you are travelling by train with a standard seat or a reclining seat (in our Premium Pluss carriage) you can just go ahead and find your seat and present your ticket to the conductor upon request.

Extra services at arrival

After a relaxing journey on board the night train you have the opportunity to take an invigorating shower and eat a delicious breakfast at our partner hotels in Oslo, Trondheim and Bodø. As our customer you will get a discounted rate in these hotels, which are located in the immediate vicinity to the train stations, as long as they have availability.

Meet at the reception desk, show your night train ticket and pay directly there. Our hotel partners are:

Oslo: Thon Hotel Opera
Dronning Eufemias gate 4, 0191 Oslo, tel.: +47 24 103 000

  • Breakfast : 195,- per adult og 90,- per child (12 years old or younger)
  • Shower and towel: 95,- per person (shower in the exercise room)

Trondheim: Thon Hotell Nidaros 
Søndre gate 22b, 7010 Trondheim, +47 73 870 130

  • Breakfast: 195,- per adult og 90,- per child (12 years old or younger)
  • Shower and towel: 250,- per adult (in a room upon availability*) and 500,- per family (up to two adults and two children).

Bodø: Thon Hotel Nordlys
Moloveien 14, 8003 Bodø, +47 75 53 19 00

  • Breakfast: 195,- per adult og 90,- per child (12 years old or younger)
  • Shower and towel: 250,- per adult (in a room upon availability*) and 500,- per family (up to two adults and two children).

*The room is available for 20 minutes per person, given that there is availability.

The same rules apply for the night sleeping compartment apply as for the main product purchased. If you have purchased a Standard Refundable ticket, you may cancel your journey up to right before departure.

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