Fjelltopphytte Alvdal


North in the region of Østerdal lies beautiful Alvdal, a place best enjoyed outdoors.

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History of Northern Østerdal

Husantunet is a museum beautifully located on a hill over the Glomma river, with an amazing view over the village. Today the museum is a unique place for gathering in Alvdal, where different activities take place during the summer time.

Husantunet i Alvdal

The museum is a great example of a classical yard of the Northern Østerdal region during the mid-eighteen hundreds.

You can download a free digital guide during your visit to the museum. It is a lovely way to hear more details about the farm and also farm life in general in the old days.

Images: Klara Skovro Thoresen

The Aukrust house in Alvdal

Kjell Aukrust was a very dear and prominent figure born and raised in Alvdal. He was known for his work as an illustrator, writer, painter, inventor and comedian. But mostly he is known for his stories about the Pinchcliffe. The movie The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is the greatest Norwegian sucess in the film industry, and has been translated to many languages worldwide.

A visit to the museum will take you back down memory lane and is a nice way to spend a few hours when visiting Alvdal.

Images: Ivar Thoresen og Klara Skovro Thoresen

Discover nature in Alvdal

Alvdal is an excellent destination to enjoy outdoors in the nature. The Jutulhogget canyon is Northern-Europe’s largest, with an impressive length of 2,5 kilometers and a depth of 140 meters. It was formed during the last Ice Age and it is crucial for understanding the history of planet Earth. The sagas however like to tell a different story, where the mountain giants of Rendalen tried to steal water of the river Glomma from the giants of Glåmdal by axing the side of the moutain.

Tronfjell i Alvdal

There are several nature hiking trails that lead to the top of the Tronfjellet, which stands at 1665 meter above the sea level. From there you can enjoy 360 degrees views of both Alvdal and Tynset.

During the winter time you will find many ski slopes the the Alvdal Vestfjell area, such as Kyrkjekletten, Storhøa or Sølnkletten. This area is also popular during the summer, where many like to go on hikes as well as long bike rides on very rocky terrain.

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