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Europe's Culture capital of 2024. Bodø is known as a destination for nature and outdoor activities. From cozy winter nights under the northern lights to the midnight sun in the summer, Bodø is without a doubt a destination you do not want to miss.

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Bodø: arctic and authentic

The promenade in the centre of Bodø is the place to be when the weather is good. Nice restaurants, amazing views over the fjord and the evening sun create a magical atmosphere for all visitors.

In Bodø you will be able to experience the magical Northern lights during the winter, which goes from the months of October until March. During the summer months the delightful midnight sun awaits with its lovely pink and orange skies. A completely unique experience for all visitors!

Bodø promenade
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Terje Rakke – Nordic Life

For the adventurous

Find your inner bravery and try the Bratten Via Ferrata, the world’s most northern one, right outside the city center! If you are lucky you might spot dolphins or even whales while you are there!

Need for speed? Feel the wind in your face while you cross the sea in a RIB! No need to get tired, just sit back and feel your heart rate go up! Try going on a sea eagle safari in the Saltstraumen whirlpool. An experience of a lifetime!

Via Ferrata Bodø
RIB safari Bodø
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Meet the king of the forrest

Take the bus from Bodø to Holandsfjorden and meet the largest creature in the mainland, the moose. At the Svartisen Moose park you will be able to meet, hug, and even take a selfie with the tame animals that reside there.

Rago national park

This national park lies about an hour and a half East for Bodø. The majestetic nature, with its high mountain peaks and quiet forrests, present sharp cliffs and roaring waterfalls. Here you will find marked hiking trails that will lead you to experiences you will never forget in the some of the wildest Norwegian nature.

Image: Frank R. Dahl

Other activities

The beach life

The white sand beaches at Mjelle, are a popular bathing spot for the locals during the summer. Join them and take a dip!

Sauna and a bath!

Gather your inner strength and try a refreshing bathing experience with “Pust sauna” in the heart of the city.

Cultural activities

There are plenty of museums and exhibitions to visit while in Bodø. Check out the list and find your favorite one!

Bodø skyline
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