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Bergstaden på Røros


An excellent destination to experience what it means to be Norwegian: history and culture, traditional local food and untouched nature. Røros is a sustainable tourist destination and a cultural treasure with tons of charm.

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Røros is a place like no other

We can’t talk about Røros without mentioning the “Bergstaden“, the old mining town from 1644, one of the world’s sites most worthy of preservation. Absolutely a must if you ever visit this small and charming town. Check all of the activities connected to this amazing site!

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To hender skjærer i mat på en tallerke

A foodie paradise

Røros is often referred to as Norway’s local food capital, where you can buy directly from farmers and restaurants are known to serve delicious meals made with traditional ingredients. Up for a local food safari? Do not hesitate! Read more on food experiences in Røros!

Dame slapper av på spa

Relaxing with a view

Press the pause button and enjoy your time at the Røros Hotell Bath & Wellness. Take a deep breath as you bathe in the 32°C warm pool with views to the local church. An outdoor warm pool and a jacuzzi will make sure you can lower your shoulders and properly relax.

Bål på Femundmarka

Cabin life

When in Norway do as Norwegians do. There is nothing more Norwegian than spending a day or two at a cabin. In Femundsmarka, one of Scandinavia’s largest wilderness areas, you will find yourself surrounded by rare animal and plant species. Long hikes, fishing trips, and coffee by the camp fire…. truly magical!

Images: Bernart Wood og Marius Rua (RR Frontal) – Explore Trøndelag

Sleeping & eating in Røros

Where to stay

Check what lodging options are available.

Restaurants and cafés

Where to eat while visiting.

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