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A place that shines all year around. Fantastic winters with snow-covered mountains and endless ski slopes awaiting to be explored. When the spring sun melts down the snow, Oppdal presents itself as an outstanding summer paradise, ready to show you exciting new adventures.

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For the explorers

Cabin and ski paradise Oppdal is a great place for those who love physical activity. With its four mountains and diverse ski slopes, this is one of Norway’s best ski destinations. You will find a suitable activity, regardless of your experience level, any time of the year.

Tre personer står på ski på Oppdal
Images: Marius Rua – Explore Trøndelag

One of Norway’s largest alpine centers is located here. The slopes follow the natural trails and terrain, and it is possible to combine high mountain activity with softer crusing downhill.

You may also rent skies and other attire, or bring your own aboard your SJ Nord’s train. The Oppdal Ski Center – Hovden is located just a short walk from the train station.

Terje Åmodt – Explore Trøndelag

Snowless Oppdal

When temperatures arise Oppdal shows itself as a place for outdoor activities in the beautiful nature. The most adventurous will love activities on the river Driva, as well as exploring your surroundings on two wheels.

Blåhøa i Oppdal
Sykkeltur på Oppdal

Try the Zipline in “Opplev Oppdals Zipline Park”. High speed, butterflies in the stomach and maybe a happy and loud cheer at the end – an activity you will never forget!

Viewpoint Snøhetta
Ketil Jacobsen – Visit Oppdal
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