Travel within Trøndelag with SJ and AtB

If you are in Trondheim you can travel within the so called "A zone" by bus and train with the very same ticket.

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Travel by both train and bus in Trøndelag

We have partnered up with the local bus and tram operator in Trøndelag, named AtB, to make travelling regionally easier for everyone!

Season tickets

You can travel within the AtB’s zone A in Trøndelag by either bus, train or tram with a season ticket purchased from AtB. The zone A goes from Hovin in the south, to Skatval in the north and Hegra in the east. Check out the map here.

Single tickets


You can travel by train, bus or tram on the AtB’s zone A with a valid single ticket. These A-zone tickets can be bought directly at AtB and last for 90 minutes from validation time. On Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and weekdays after 6 PM the tickets are valid for 3 hours.

Discount cards (in Norwegian “klippekort”) are however not accepted as valid tickets on our trains.


You can also purchase single tickets for train journeys at Entur. In that case you will be required to select the desired route (with the start stop and the end stop) as well as the departure time. After that, the ticket is valid for 90 minutes and it can be used to travel by train, bus and tram within the zone A.


If you decide to buy the ticket aboard our trains, instead of pre-booking, there will be an additional fee and you can only pay by credit card.

Please notice that pets and bikes cannot travel aboard our trains with these AtB tickets. Additional train tickets need to be purchased also when travelling within the zone A.

If you have a season ticket and would like to start or end your journey outside the zone A, you can use an SJ NORD’s season ticket. You can purchase an additional zone for bus and tram within AtB’s A-zone. This is an automatic choice presented with purchasing a ticket with us.

Your SJ NORD’s season ticket will be valid for journeys with AtB’s buses and trams. If you would like to travel freely within the A-zone you can purchase a combination of season tickets (see below).

If you have an AtB ticket that applies to several zones in addition to zone A, you can only use those on the bus or tram, not on the train.

SJ NORD and AtB have different age restrictions for child and student tickets. AtB’s rules apply for travels within the A-zone:

  • You might purchase a child ticket if you are 19 or younger.
  • You might purchase a student ticket if you are 34 or younger and have valid proof you are indeed a student.

You are allowed to combine an AtB season ticket with an SJ NORD’s season ticket. You can also combine an AtB season ticket with an SJ NORD single ticket, except for journeys on the Nordlandsbanen and the Dovrebanen (which are long distance trains). Single tickets within or outside of the A-zone are not allowed to be combined.

Some examples of tickets you are allowed to combine in and out of the A-zone in Trøndelag:

  • You cannot combine a single A-zone ticket from AtB with a single ticket from SJ NORD.
  • Example: if you plan to travel to Levanger to Trondheim S, you must purchase a single ticket with SJ NORD for the whole route. You cannot purchase a single ticket with SJ from Levanger to Skatval, and then use an AtB single ticket from Skatval to Trondheim S.
  • You can combine a season ticket with SJ and a season ticket with AtB.
  • You can combine a season ticket from AtB with a single ticket from SJ NORD, except if you travel with the Nordlandsbanen or the Dovrebanen.
  • Example: if you are travelling from Trondheim S to Levanger with a season ticket for zone A, you will need to purchase a single ticket with SJ NORD from Skatval to Levanger.
  • You can combine a season ticket with SJ NORD and a single ticket with AtB.
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