Journeys to Sweden

Det er enkelt å ta toget til Sverige med SJ og oppdage spennende destinasjoner som Stockholm, Karlstad og Åre. Reisetiden er på under fem timer!

SJ / Journeys to Sweden


High-speed train to Sweden

Thanks to SJ’s high-speed train («Snabbtåg») you can travel from Oslo S to Stockholm Central Station in about five hours. If you travel with the earliest departure, you will be in Sweden’s capital by lunch time! Stockholm is a fantastic city, and a remarkable weekend destination for the whole family. SJ has five daily departures during weekdays, three on Saturdays and four on Sundays each way. Read more on the highspeed train.

Images: Visit Stockholm


Stockholm is known as the capital of Scandinavia, and it is easy to see why. Get inspired to visit Norway’s dear neighbor country.

Rosendal slott i Stockholm

Enchanting and regal

On the island of Djurgården you will find the beautiful Rosendal castle, a historical summer palace owned by king Karl Johan. Since 1913 the castle has become a museum, which is open for visitors.

Charming and colorful

A walk around the old town (Gamla Stan) is almost mandatory. With its gorgeous cobbled streets and colorful renaissance buildings, these streets are among the best preserved in Europe.

Stockholm by sea

Stockholm is a city worth experiencing from a boat. Feel the breeze on your cheeks while you sail through the city.

Restaurant med utsikt

Refreshments with a view

The city has amazing sky bars where you can enjoy a drink while taking in a breathtaking view over Stockholm.

Images: Gomer Swahn, Visit Stockholm

Children travel with a discount

If you travel with an adult ticket or a senior ticket on an SJ train, you may bring one or two children up to 15 years of age and get an 85% discount on their tickets.

Children under the age of 2, who can sit on the lap of an adult, do not need to purchase a ticket and can travel for free.

Bestemor og barnebarn reiser på toget

ÅRE – adrenaline and relaxation

In the region of Jämtland in Sweden you will find the city of Åre, a favorite of many Norwegians. Both during winter and during the summer, Åre has loads of outdoor activities that will surely accelerate your pulse. But worry not: after the initial adrenaline kick, there will be time to relax at one of the many spas. Åre has everything you need for an active but relaxing escapade.

To Åre from Trondheim

The train from Trondheim S to Storlien with SJ Nord takes about an hour and a half. At Storlien you may take the SJ train to Åre, a journey that only takes fourty minutes.

Images: Niclas Vestefjell (Visit Sweden)

Best bike parks

One of the largest and best bike parks in the world is located here. Try it out for an extraordinary adventure.

To kvinner på en spa

Press pause

Lower your shoulders after a long day with some relaxing spa time. In Åre you will find many to choose from.

KARLSTAD – sun and bathing in Värmland

Karlstad is located between Stockholm, Göteborg and Oslo. This city is known for its amount of sunny days and its close proximity to Vänern, Sweden’s largest lake. In the “sun city” you will find a rich outdoor life, as well as a broad specter of culture and activities.

From Oslo to Karlstad by train

It takes around four hours from Oslo S to Karlstad. You can purchase train tickets at

Karlstad is a city best enjoyed outdoors: hike at the Glaskogens naturreservat, visit the outdoor museum at Hammarö or ride a boat to Lurö. Remember to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen!

Images: Karlstads kommun

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