The Saltenpendelen

Regional train between Bodø, Fauske and Rognan

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Commuting with the Saltenpendelen

The Saltenpendelen is a route specially designed for commuters in the region of Salten, between Rognan and Fauske, in order to facilitate transport between the most important cities, which are Bodø and Fauske. The Saltenpendelen route is a part of the Nordland line.

Bodø’s population of about 41 000 inhabitants reside close to the train station. This is the most populated area, followed by the city of Fauske with its 6 300 inhabitants who also reside close to the station. The largest commuting flow is between these to cities, with 80% of the commuting happening from Fauske to Bodø.

The Salten pendle train

Oteråga station

This train station is relatively new and operates the Home Defense Operative Headquarter, which houses around 500 employees and 50 recruits commuting between Oteråga and Bodø.

Departures with SJ NORD

This 81 km long route with its five daily departures from Rognan and to daily departures from Fauske, make a total of seven departures in both ways during weekdays and one daily departure in the weekends.

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