Barn leker på Rismelen på Steinkjer


You will be able to learn more about local history and local food when you visit the largest city in the Northern region of Trøndelag.

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Viking history at Egge

Egge is a borough north of Steinkjer. It was at this location that chieftain Kalv Arnesson established his stronghold. He was a Viking leader who, along with Tore Hund, commanded the farmers’ army against Olav Haraldsson at the Battle of Stiklestad. Take the train to participate in the Viking festival that takes place at Egge every year.

A visit to Egge museum is a fun weekend activity for the whole family. This museum consists of an open-air museum, the Egge museum, and the County governor’s farm.
The Egge museum preserves a rich cultural and historical background and traditions. Children have the opportunity to meet the pigs, sheep, rabbits and chicken that live in the farm.

Egge museum i Steinkjer
Barn leker på Egge Museum i Steinkjer

Other activities

Take a swim at the Dampsaga swimming facilities, which are suitable for both adults and children. If you are interested in shopping, you will find Trøndelag’s biggest shopping mall in downtown Steinkjer.

Mann og kjøkkenchef står foran restaurant

Dinner with a masterchef

Book a table at Experience@Bjerkem which lies in Bjerkem Kulturgård, a local farm. Eat a 7 or 16-course meal prepared by Kim Tore Sjøbakker, a masterchef with experience from several Michelin-rated restaurants. Go through a tasteful journey with locally-sourced milk and meat from the very same farm. Also see how bunads (the Norwegian national clothing) are handmade at the Bunadburet. It’s worth a visit!

Out and about

Like the Norwegians love to say: “Out on a hike, never sad”, which can translate as “make the most out of your trip, even when the weather is challenging”. Hikes at Byafjellet, Blåfjella and Oftenåsen will make the delights of both big and small! Pack your lunch in your backpack and enjoy yourself in the fresh air!

Folk på tur i Steinkjer
To menn sitter på kajakk i Steinkjer
Mann, dame og hund på skitur på Malm

If you are keen to try some cross-country you will be able to do that in places like Malm, Henningvola or Midterfjellet.

Images: Tom Gustavsen -Explore Trøndelag, Steinkjerfotografen, Lena Johnsen, Camerat – Visit Innherred

Where to stay & eat


Quality Hotel Grand Steinkjer and Best Western Tingvold Park Hotel are the hotels which are located closest to the city centre.


Sabrura Sticks & Sushi, Famille, Jordbær Pikene, Ox of Norway Steakhouse… In Steinkjer there is something for everyone!

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