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Sometimes the railway will not take you all the way to your destination. However we know how important it is to travel as easy and smoothly as possible. In those cases, you will be able to purchase a TrainBus ticket. Our bus partners in the regions we operate will make sure you arrive to your destination.

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One ticket for the whole trip

Buying your whole trip in one ticket makes the journey easier and more predictable. Our TrainBus partnership agreement includes the following aspects:

  • You can purchase a ticket that includes transportation with both SJ Norge’s trains and one of our eight buss lines.
  • You can find information about our routes and transfers in our website.
  • You can choose which stop on the bus line you wish to set as a start or end stop to your trip.
  • We guarantee a seat for the bus transfer as long as you have a valid TrainBus ticket. This guarantee does not apply if the tickets are bought separately.
  • Should the train be delayed and you miss your transfer, you are guaranteed a seat on the next bus or given alternate transportation.

Eight bus routes

The following routes are included in the TrainBus ticket. On the map below our train routes are marked in dark blue, whereas the bus routes are marked in lime green. The stops in a bold font indicate the train station the transfer point is located at:

  • Åndalsnes – Molde
  • Åndalsnes – Ålesund
  • Oppdal – Kristiansund
  • Steinkjer – Namsos
  • Grong – Brønnøysund
  • Mosjøen – Sandnessjøen
  • Fauske – Narvik
  • Narvik – Tromsø

You can purchase your TrainBus tickets through Entur or by calling our Customer Service

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