Privacy policy

About SJ Norge

From June 8th 2020 SJ Norge is the train company operating the railway traffic pack known under the name NORD.

The two main long-distance routes are the Nordlandsbanen and the Dovrebanen. The former goes between the cities of Bodø and Trondheim, while the later goes between Trondheim and Oslo. Additionally there are five other routes: Raumabanen, Rørosbanen, Trønderbanen, Meråkerbanen and Saltenpendelen.

These lines altogether comprehend the traffic pack known as NORD.

SJ Norge was established in 2016 and is owned in its entirety by the Swedish company SJ AB, Sweden’s largest train operator, which has operated in Norway for a hundred years. SJ Norge wishes to update and improve train travel on all our seven routes. Furthermore, we wish to be able to expand our services to other regions in Norway.

Responsible for your personal data

SJ Norge AS, with the organisation’s number 917 587 728, is fully responsible for the personal data that is collected and stored in relation to the purchase of tickets in our site.

What is personal data?

Personal data refers to all the information that directly can be traced back to you. This includes data such as name, date of birth, e-mail address, purchase history, payment details or IP-address.

What personal data is being collected?

SJ Norge collects personal data related to ticket purchasing through our website. We collect personal data with the purpose of maintaining our commitments as specified in our Conditions of Transport, and with abiding by the law when executing the contract you sign with us when you purchase a ticket. We do store your e-mail address, you cellphone number and information on the trip you have purchased. This information is stored until you have finalized your journey and is kept up until 12 months.

The company that manages this personal data is SJ AB, with the organization number 556196-1599. SJ AB is SJ Norge’s Swedish owner company. SJ AB is responsible for the functioning of SJ Norge’s IT systems, such as websites at and its infrastructure and services.

When you finalize a ticket purchase your user data is transferred to Entur. This is a Norwegian state agent which handles a ticket purchase system across all national railway operators. Entur AS, with the organization number 917 422 575 is in charge of managing all the personal data stored in this national ticket system.

For more information on Entur’s management of personal data, you can check their website.

SJ Prio

SJ AB is responsible for the administration of your personal data related to your SJ Prio membership. Read more on how your personal data is handled here.

What does SJ Norge use your personal data for?

SJ Norge collects personal data to comply with the criteria imposed to us by law as a transport supplier, and to secure the best possible customer experience for you.

To ensure that you are properly informed about your journeys will and can SJ Norge use your contact information to inform you about relevant changes affecting your journey. These can be, for example, changes in departure times or traffic deviations. We will also notify you about material changes affecting your journey, such as changes in our train sets.

Unless you have specifically given permission, SJ Norge will not use your personal information for marketing purposes or to commercialize other services. We do not share your contact information with external partners either.

How does SJ Norge protect your personal data?

Your personal data is secured according to SJ AB’s policy for information safety. This policy has strict requirements in regard to technical infrastucture and systems for information exchange and management. Our data processing involves the encrypting and anonymization of your user information, as well as complying with strict routines that limit the access to systems where data is being stored.

Right to insight and deletion

You are entitled to ask for insight on what information is registered on your persona in SJ Norge’s systems. You are also entitled to ask for any personal data of yours that is stored to be deleted. This right does however not apply if you have purchased a ticket for a journey that has not yet been completed, or in case you have required a refund for a journey that has not yet been handled.

If you wish insight on information stored on your persona, or that this information is deleted, you may contact our Customer Service by e-mail at: [email protected] or call at: (+47) 61 25 22 00.

If you mean that your request lacks a follow-up you can contact Datatilsynet, the Norwegian public authority center for data protection.

About this policy

SJ Norge reserves the right to update or change this policy when new products or services launch.

SJ has named a data protection officer to handle your personal data in a safe, lawful and transparent manner. If you have any concerns about the way SJ handles your personal data, please contant [email protected] and write “Data protection officer” in the e-mail title.

If you have any dispute regarding your personal data, you may also contact us in the way described above, or contact the the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.