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Good news regarding our routes

We are setting more departures on several of our routes. Read more to find out which ones!

Tog kjører på Støren


There will be an extra departure between Oslo and Trondheim each way. Ever since SJ Norge won the trafick pack 2 NORD, the number of daily departures has gone from four to six.

The new departures are as follows:

  • Trondheim S 05:54 – Oslo S 12:48
  • Oslo S 10:02 – Trondheim S 17:40

From the same date all trains driving on the Dovrebanen will have an extra stop at the Kvitfjell ski resort, as long as someone has requested it. SJ Norge brings you closer to the ski slopes!


The trains which today circulate between Åndalsnes and Lillehammer will from Desember 11th 2022 drive between Åndalsnes and Dombås, where you will be able to change trains to the Dovrebanen.


There will be an extra departure from Trondheim S to Steinkjer during week days. It is the current departure from Lundamo at 21:33 that arrives in Trondheim S at 22:15 and will continue towards Steinkjer with arrival time set at 00:20.

During this time old diesel trains of the type 92 will gradually be replaces with new and modern hybrid trains type 76. These trains run both on diesel on non-electrified tracks and electricity when possible. They fill all the requirements for universal design and are more spacious, facilitating more room for both passengers and luggage. The type 76 trains are also quieter and make the journey more seamless and modern.

The old type 92 trains will however be kept as a reserve in case one of the newer trains requires maintenance and needs to be kept out of service. This way any incidences will not impact the train traffic.


From December 11th the Type 76 trains will start circulating in the Rørosbanen between Trondheim, Røros and Hamar.

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Mann står foran togtabell på skjerm
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