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Bicycles aboard

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Bicycles aboard departures with seat reservation

On departures with a seat reservation you must book a ticket for your bicycle by choosing “Add-ons” upon ticket purchase. If you wish to add a bicycle on a journey where you have already purchased a ticket, contact our Customer Service.

Bicycles aboard train without seat reservation

Departures without the possibility for seat reservation also accept bicycles on board as long as there is free capacity. Check with our conductors on the platform to make sure you can bring your bicycle before boarding.

Criteria for bicycles allowed aboard


Bikes must be able to be placed on the hooks in the storage room. The bicycle can be maximum 175 cm long and its wheels cannot surpass a diameter of 5 cm.

Smaller bikes

Foldable bicycles count as a luggage unit and may be brought aboard without extra charge. Scooters for adults can be brought aboard as long as they don’t take more space than your own train seat, or if you can easily place them in the overhead compartment. A bike inside a suitcase can also travel aboard without the need for a ticket, as long as it does not exceed the allowed dimensions for luggage. Small scooters and small bikes for children can be brought aboard free of charge.

Larger bikes

Electric scooters are subjected to the same rules as regular bicycles. Lithium batteries must be removed and placed in the hand luggage. Batteries shall not be charged aboard. Bike wagons and bike trailers can be brought as long as they follow the same rules as bicycles.

Bikes which are not allowed

Cargobikes, tandem bikes and segways are not permitted aboard. Mopeds and motocycles are also not allowed, even if they are electric.

Bicycles aboard in the event of a planned disruption

In the event of a planned disruption, announced ahead of the journey, where part of the trip will be serviced by a replacement bus, bicycles are not allowed. This is due to limited storage space on the replacement bus.

Prices for bicycle tickets

The price for a bicycle ticket may vary depending on how long your journey is and will be 50% off the price of a Standard Refundable adult ticket, with a minimum price of NOK 43,- and a maximum price of NOK 215,-. From February 1st 2024 the minimum price will be NOK 50,- and the maximum NOK 250,-.

Bicycles are not included in the special prices SJ NORD has with AtB for journeys withtin the zone A in Trøndelag.