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Kvinne sitter på toget og ser ut vinduet

Climate smart

No other means of transport are more climate smart than the train! Travel aboard our trains: clean for the environment and the conscience!

SJ / Climate smart

The train is the winner

Electric trains that run through Scandinavia are very environmentally friendly and have some of the lowest greenhouse gas emissions with only 10 grams CO2 per km per person. Even trains that run with diesel pollute less than aircraft. Diesel trains produce 91 gram CO2 per km and per passenger, whilst aircraft – depending on the type – produce between 133 gram and 298 gram CO2 per km per person!

This means that only bicycles pollute less than trains when it comes to means of transport!

Source: Framtiden i våre hender | Klimagassutslippet fra ulike reisemåter (in Norwegian)

Office aboard

Work while you travel – save time
and save the environment!

Energy effective

A train can transport many more passengers than other means of transport. Not only does the vehicle itself produce low carbon emissions, but many of us can travel together with a minimal emission to the environment. In this regard, the train is the most energy effective transportation available!

The fact that modern trains are long and narrow make them better equipped to tackle the air resistance. This allows the train to move forward without using unnecessary amounts of energy.

Environment aboard

When you travel with SJ Norge you can purchase locally sourced food from our menus. We prioritize seasonal local ingredients as much as possible, and adapt our menus accordingly. Our dished are fresh and made from scratch.

The food packaging is made of recycled materials as much as possible. Additionally all waste is sorted aboard and sent to recycling. Our staff only uses eco-certified cleaning products aboard to clean and disinfect our trains.

Clean energy

Norway’s power supply has the highest renewability percentage and the lowest carbon emissions in Europe. A whole 89 percent of the country’s power supply comes from hydroelectric power, a very clean energy source. This way electricity is produced without any production of carbon dioxide. The Norwegian railway is not completely electrified yet, but there is continuous efforts from several instances to make electrification possible. More electrified lines mean even more climate smart train journeys!

A more pleasant way to travel

When you take the train you skip any luggage check-ins, security checks, long waiting, boarding and additional transportation to and from the airport. The train takes you from city center to city center. And all this while resting comfortably with plenty of leg room and amazing views!
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