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Scheduled maintenance

SJ / Scheduled maintenance

Bane NOR’s scheduled work on track maintenance

When Bane NOR works on maintenance some of our departures may be disrupted. Here you will find information on scheduled maintenance work that may affect your journey in 2023.

We inform that in instances where the train cannot circulate, a bus service will be arranged, but there will be no possibility to purchase food or drinks on the bus.

Check the travel planner on for more information on a specific train departure.

The Dovre line (Dovrebanen) F6

Due to planned work on the railway tracks, the train leaving from Trondheim S with departure time 15:23 and arrival time in Oslo 22:02 will be affected. A bus replacement service will take over the train between Lillestrøm and Oslo S.

Bane NOR ha scheduled necessary maintenance work. From October 7th until Ocotber 15th 19:00 the line between Eidsvoll and Lillehammer will also be closed. From October 14th until October 15th 13:00 the line between Lillestrøm and Oslo will be partially closed. There will be a bus replacement service for the affected lines.

The Nordland line (Nordlandsbanen) F7

Due to planned work on the railway tracks the whole line between Trondheim S and Bodø will be closed.

  • Friday September 15th: all night trains both ways will be canceled. No alternate transportation is provided.
  • Saturday September 16th: all train departures are cancelled. There will be provided a bus replacement service for the daytime departures, but no alternative transportation is provided for the nighttime departures.
  • Sunday September 17th: All trains are cancelled. There will be a bus replacement service for the daytime departures. The night train from Bodø to Trondheim will be cancelled with no alternative transportation. The night train from Trondheim to Bodø will be cancelled. There will be a bus replacement service between Rognan and Bodø, but no transportation between Trondheim S and Rognan.

Due to scheduled work on the tracks some departures will be affected between Bodø and Mosjøen. A bus replacement will service the affected departures. Search on Entur’s travel planner to check for updated departures.

The affected departures are:

  • Wednesday September 27th – 29th:
    • Departure from Mosjøen 06:52 with arrival to Bodø 10:54
    • Departure from Bodø 07:34 with arrival to Mosjøen 11:26
  • Saturday September 30th:
    • Departure from Mosjøen 06:40 with arrival to Bodø 10:35
    • Departure from Bodø 17:46 with arrival to Mosjøen 21:38

The Røros Line (Rørosbanen) R60

Bane NOR will renew the tracks on the line between Elverum and Rena. The work will happen at different times each day. Some departures will be affected as a result, and a bus replacement will be made available.

Check Entur for the affected departures.

Bane NOR is doing important maintenance work on the tracks which will affect the following train departures during the weekdays:

  • Departure from Trondheim S 05:37 to Oslo S 13:02:
    There will be a bus replacement service from Koppang to Hamar. From Hamar to Oslo S the train is cancelled, but you can travel with the train from Vy.
  • Departure Hamar 12:09 – Trondheim S 18:23:
    Bus replacement from Hamar to Koppang. From Koppang to Trondheim the train will run as normal.
  • Departure

Bane NOR has scheduled necessary maintenance work. All train departures are cancelled. A bus replacement will drive instead.

The Rauma line (Raumabanen) R65

There is no scheduled maintenance at the moment.

The Trønder line (Trønderbanen) R70

Work on the tracks will affect all train traffic. A bus replacement will run instead.

Due to planned work on the railway tracks all train departures between Trondheim S and Steinkjer are cancelled both ways. A bus replacement service will drive instead.

The Meråker Line (Meråkerbanen) R71

Due to planned work in the railway tracks, all departures between Trondheim S and Storlien are cancelled both ways. A bus replacement service will drive instead.

Other ongoing work:

Electrification of the Trønderbanen and the Meråkerbanen:

Bane NOR is currently working in the electrification process of these two routes. The work is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2024.

  • From January 7th and to Desember 9th 2023 the tracks will be closed on Saturdays from 14:00 to 21:00 and Sundays from 08.00 to 15:00 between Stjørdal and Trondheim S.

If you wish to travel in time periods where the train is not available, you can take the bus with Atb (public transport):

  • Buss line 311: Stjørdal – Trondheim S.
  • Buss 70: Trondheim – Vikhammer

Both lines will stop by the airport in Trondheim (Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes).

Upgrade work on Trondheim S

Up until Sunday Desember 10th 2023, Bane NOR will be upgrading Trondheim S, the city’s main train station. That means that the tracks 1 and 2 will be closed during this time. Alternative tracks will be operative instead.