The daytime departures on the Nordland line are cancelled from December 6th - 12th due to technical issues arising from the cold weather. A bus replacement will drive instead.
SJ / Changes in train traffic from October 16th

Changes in train traffic from October 16th

From Monday October 16th there will be some small changes in departure times on the Røros line and the Trønder line. The affected departures are:

The Trønder line:

  • From Ler to Lundamo: the train will depart from Ler at 20:19 (instead of 20:22) and arrive to Lundamo at 20:25 (instead of 20:27).
  • From Lundamo to Melhus: the train will depart from Lundamo at 20:31 (instead of 20:34) and will arrive to both Ler and Kvål three minutes earlier, and finally arrive to Melhus at 20:46 (instead of 20:49). From Melhus the train will run according to the normal schedule.

The Røros line:

  • From Haltdalen to Atna (Monday – Friday): the train will depart from Haltdalen at 11:11 instead of 11:06, and will arrive to each station 4 minutes later than it does currently up until Atna station. From there the train will depart as normal.
  • From Hamar to Røros: the train will depart from Hamar at 16:15 instead of 16:11 and will arrive 4 minutes later to all the stations up to Røros.
  • From Hanestad to Røros: the train will depart from Hanestad at 14:08 instead of 14:09, and arrival times may vary by a few minutes on all stations up until Røros. From Røros the train will follow the regular schedule.

These changes will prevail until December 9th 2023 and come as a result of several crossings with freight trains.

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